About Intuitive Beadwork

Albert Einstein once said something like: No problem can be solved from the same level of thinking that it was created.

Sometimes we turn issues over and over in our minds but a solution eludes us. Through intuitive beaded embroidery, we use our creativity to open up a pathway to a new level of thinking. We simply need to begin, then allow the needle and thread to go where they want to go, carrying our beads along with them. As the beads transform into a pattern on the fabric, we discover an inner shift happening…..

This process is most fruitful when it is not rushed or criticized. Your creation needs time to unfold and present itself to you. Intuitive beaded embroidery is an intoxicating form of self-discovery. When it is complete, your beaded embroidery is a Work-of-Heart.*


*This is an art-making workshop. This is not art therapy. If you would like to contact an art therapist, please refer to the American Art Therapy Association directory to find one near you.  I provide supplies and create a nurturing space in which to teach the stitching techniques necessary to create bead embroidered artwork for the student’s personal enjoyment.