I learned lampworking in 2010 when I apprenticed under Johnny Olsen and Pati Walton.  They are both fabulous bead-makers.  Johnny taught me the basics and once I could make a nice round bead, Pati took over from there.  I can honestly say, to her chagrin, I haven’t made a round bead since!  I love the medium of glass and I love beads so the combo really lights my torch…so to speak.

Lampworking is a type of glasswork where a torch (or what used to be called a lamp) is used to melt glass rods.  My lampwork beads are fun and funky. For a colorist such as myself (if you’ve ever seen my paintings, you’ll know what I mean), glass makes a wonderful medium to experiment with glorious color. Color has always been my main attraction when doing artwork of any kind and it is evident in my bead designs.

When I am not teaching the Intuitive bead embroidery workshops, I am at my torch cooking up new beads.  No two are alike and that is entirely on purpose! (They are imperfect and wobbly.)

I  combine my beads to make one-of-a-kind jewelry, wire-stemmed flowers and leaves, mandalas for the covers of journals and various other colorful and organic-looking treasures.  I also make wire hangers for finishing bead embroidery. All are for sale in my studio.


Lampwork Jewelry

Take the fun and funky lampwork beads, mix them all together and voilá! One-of-a-kind handmade necklaces, earrings,and other jewelry! They make unique gifts for family and friends.

I love to make wonky beads full of bright colors.  Sometimes I am in the mood to make jewelry with hoards of beads while others,  I want the simplicity of just one or two beads, showing off their inherent funkiness.  Have fun checking them all out below.


Other Odds and Ends from the Studio:

Posters (limited supply)

African Odyssey (24″x36″):  $55.00 (with Shipping and Handling)   










Giclées (limited supply)


Freeing the Souls (27.5″x33″ including borders) $265.00 (with Shipping and Handling)

Limited Edition Fine Art Giclée Signed and Numbered by the Artist



“Jewel” (20″x26″ including borders)  $165.00 (with Shipping and Handling)

Limited Edition Fine Art Giclée
Signed and Numbered by the Artist