Intuitive Bead Embroidery Workshops


The Honey Beadery currently offers workshops on intuitive bead embroidery. Through the art of bead embroidery, we follow our intuition and let the work guide us. It is a form of self-discovery through deliberate creation.

In this workshop, you will learn how to:

  • work with the basic bead embroidery stitches
  • make a beaded sampler for future reference
  • get started with a project
  • finish the edges

What is Intuitive Beadwork?

Intuitive beadwork is a wonderful way to tap into ideas and concepts that are just below the surface of our consciousness.  I first touched on this process after meeting Robin Atkins in 2008 when she was in town to give a presentation on her collection of beadwork.  I had the pleasure of sitting a long while, tirelessly looking at each of her pieces, turning them over in my hands, looking closely, and reading the prose that corresponded to many of her bead-embroidered works-of-art. Although her work is exquisite in terms of execution and design, the “improvisational” pieces fascinated me the most.  So, it is through this intuitive process that I guide people using beads, needle and thread so that they may create something both enlightening and beautiful.  Read testimonials here.

1 -Setting Intention

An important part of using intuition when creating is to set an intention before the fun begins!  Even though the piece takes on a life of its own as we go along, the evolution will make more sense if there is a clear beginning point.

2 – Choosing Materials

Choosing Beads for Process Beaded Embroidery
Choosing Beads for Intuitive Bead Embroidery

3 – Applying Beads to Fabric

 4 -Finishing


View more student work.